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All in the water is first of all an eshop ​founded by Mathilde with the trigger of the Oceans at the start (Water warming, coral bleaching, disappearance of marine species, plastic pollution, release of chemicals, etc.)

Mathilde has set up a selection charter based on 3 criteria:

>Remove plastic packaging from hygiene and cosmetic products. 

>Banish any component that is harmful to our health and that of the environment.

>Reduce distances by only offering products made in France.

In the spring of 2021, Tous à l'eau developed to become, in addition to the eshop, a concept store of committed French brands, based in La Ciotat. It was on this occasion that Mathilde contacted me to offer an exclusive selection of Calmos Abricos products, as much as possible in upcycled fabric. 

All in the water shop: 63 rue des Poilus, La Ciotat

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