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Capsule collection

I am pleased to present the first capsule collection of Calmos Abricos: Paris-Cotonou.
A capsule collection with multiple stories, which I hope you will like. 

To tell you the story, a few years ago a friend brought me from Benin scraps of Wax fabrics with patterns each more beautiful than the other. I took (a lot) of time before daring to cut them. She had found them near the town of Cotonou. These are fabrics made by hand by families, with very unique patterns.

I optimized the scraps as much as possible by making the most suitable products. To have as little waste as possible (and if there is, I used it to make the links - for zero-waste production)

  Due to their handcrafted production, it there may be some irregularities in the patterns.

More than 50 pieces were made thanks to upcycled Wax live from Benin!


Also, 20% of the profits from sales of the capsule collection will be donated to the Adji-Benin association. An association for the children of Benin. I was able to speak with the President of the association who lives in the town where I grew up in Vendée. In particular, they collect school items and materials for schools. 

I let you discover this unique collection which I hope will make you travel.

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