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I Like it Naked​ or ILIN is an eshop dedicated to zero-waste, zero-plastic French brands, respectful of the environment and our skin. The brand was founded by Noémie, a zero waste follower who also shares the same values and convictions as Calmos Abricos. 

The ILIN team is made up of Noémie and Anne, who, thanks to their colorful vision and their actions, contribute to making zero-waste at the heart of our daily lives. 

They carefully select the brands and products present on their eshop, in order to respect their commitments! 

In November 2021, ILIN launches itscrowdfunding campaignto finance the opening of a first store in Marseille. On the program: shop, bulk bar, photo studio and order preparation. 

We are proud to participate in this fundraising campaign by offering our solid cosmetic pouches in several contributions. Accessories that will later be available in the shop. 

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